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3 Service Holistic Centers Offer That Can Benefit Weightlifters

3 Service Holistic Centers Offer That Can Benefit Weightlifters

Holistic centers are becoming more and more popular in today’s society as health and wellness in general continues to grow in importance for many. There are seemingly infinite benefits to the services that holistic centers like The Zen Spot offer, many of which we’ve covered in previous posts. One of the demographics that might not typically consider the services and alternative healing methods of holistic centers, but could certainly benefit from them, are weightlifters.

Whether you’re a physique-crazy bodybuilder, a trendy crossfitter trying to get back into shape, or an old school powerlifter that enjoys picking up heavy things, holistic centers have a variety of services available to help take your passion to the next level and make you healthier overall. Here are three are to consider.

  1. Meditation: Meditation in its most primitive sense has probably been around since the beginning of mankind. In its purest form meditation is the practice of training one’s mind. It’s been practiced for centuries and remains popular today.

    Weightlifters looking to increase gains would be wise to utilize the mind-strengthening properties of proper meditation. While raw physicality and muscle mass play a big role in a person’s ability to lift and perform athletically, the body’s central nervous systems (CNS) is also a main contributor. Especially in powerlifting, ‘training’ your brain to lift higher weights is crucial. Meditation and visualization can help you do just that.
  2. Yoga: Yoga has become one of the hottest trends in the world of health. Today, over 15 million Americans practice it. Many people practice yoga for the stress-relieving benefits (sense of peace and calm is the second most popular reason Americans practice), but there are also many physical ones as well.

    Not only does it help you become more flexible and functional (important for lifting), but it can even improve conditions like asthma, arthritis, and back pain. Basically, yoga makes you a healthier, stronger version of yourself, which ultimately increases your weightlifting potential. This point must get lost on many “gym rats” considering a significant portion of lifters are male, but they only make up 27.8% of the yogi population.
  3. Detox: A lot of weightlifters recognize the benefits of a good diet, but how many are willing to go the extra mile and clean out their bodies altogether? Services like The Zen Spot’s Herbal Detox treatment are a great way to start off a new diet or recover from a ‘dirty bulk.’

All of these services can have wonderful a influence on people in any walk of life. However, weightlifters are one group especially concerned with their health and body that don’t normally think about holistic centers, but should.

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