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Alternative Healing 101: What is Abhyanga?

Alternative Healing 101: What Is Abhyanga?

By now, you may very well be one of the 15 million Americans who practice yoga on a regular basis. With all of the benefits you’ve experienced through your yoga practice, perhaps you’ve become interested in learning more about how to lead a naturally healthy lifestyle. Has your practice sparked a further interest in holistic health and alternative healing?

Like yoga, other practices of Ayurvedic health are becoming increasingly common and popular in the U.S., such as reflexology and aromatherapy. More than 3 million Americans have also tried acupuncture for a wide variety of reasons. But how many have heard of Abhyanga?

What is Abhyanga?
Abhyanga is a method of bodily massage that follows Ayurvedic healing principles dating back 5,000 years. Originating in India, it usually involves the use of special heated massage oils that have been infused with healing herbs for bodily detoxification.

What will Abhyanga do for me?
Like any method of massage, Abhyanga is a great alternative healing method for relieving physical stress. It relaxes the muscles and nourishes the skin with herbal oils that will help rejuvenate cellular tissue.

How is Abhyanga different from a conventional massage?
The herbs used in the oil for an Abhyanga massage are specially selected for detoxifying the body of its impurities, so different herbs may be better for different individuals. The physical aspects of the massage also pay close attention to unblocking and stimulating Prana energies.

What are the other benefits of Abhyanga?
As an alternative healing practice within the larger domain of Ayurveda, Abhyanga massage can increase blood circulation and improve the lubrication of joints. It may also help you move better, sleep better, think better, and live better as it purifies the body. The oils and herbs also have amazing benefits for the appearance and health of your skin.

How often should I practice Abhyanga?
Ayurvedic healers advise getting an Abhyanga treatment every day, first thing in the morning. While this may not be practical for everyone, even semi-regular Abhyanga massages can dramatically relieve your muscles, stimulate your cells, and nourish your well-being, inside and out.

Have you ever tried Abhyanga? Find a holistic center near you to learn more about the revitalizing benefits of this truly serene massage experience. You may never go back to a traditional spa again.

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