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Gift Ideas for Dad: A Holistic Center Retreat

Gift Ideas For Dad: A Holistic Center Retreat

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and we all surely know a dad or two in our lives that could benefit from a little bit of rest and relaxation this time of year — perhaps more than they’d like to admit.

For health and wellness, there’s no better place to turn than a holistic center. There are a number of programs designed to cultivate serenity, manage your stress, and teach you how to achieve longevity. If there’s one thing we all want for our husbands and fathers, it’s to keep them by our sides as long as possible.

Consider some of these holistic center programs as a gift for the dads in your life that, through their restorative powers, will be a gift to your entire family as well.

  • Yoga
    As of 2015, more than 15 million Americans are practitioners of yoga. Despite the common stereotypes, some 27.8 of all yogis are male. Yoga offers a variety of benefits that are both mental, spiritual, and physical.
  • Massage
    Fathers bear a lot of stress between work life and home life. But they’re not always allowed to show it. The gift of Abhyanga massage will aid in relieving emotional stress that men are sometimes afraid to let out in other ways.
  • Reflexology
    For the dad who suffers chronic pain or headaches, a visit to a reflexologist at a holistic center may provide alternative methods of treatment that are more effective for some people than conventional medicine. One study showed that, after reflexology work, 19% of headache sufferers chose to stop taking medications altogether.
  • Meditation
    While people can meditate anywhere, the calm and serenity of a holistic center offers a safe space where the benefits of meditation can truly manifest. Give your special dad the gift of escape — not just from the kids, but from the hectic nuisance of life’s small details.

There’s a common misconception that men aren’t as open to holistic wellness measures as women are. Perhaps they’ve simply never been offered the opportunity. This father’s day, be sure to give the dads in your life a chance. When child care goes to both parents, so should relaxation.

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