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– Ayurveda Miami: Body Rituals –

Ayurveda (eye-yur-VAY-duh), derived from the Sanskrit words for “life” and “knowledge” is the traditional healing system of India – one of the world’s oldest. The holistic practices of Ayurveda, which encompass diet, yoga and body treatments, are rooted in the idea that body, mind and spirit must be balanced if the individual is to achieve longevity and the highest degree of health. Your therapist will determine your dosha (mental and physical constitution) and recommend treatments and products to restore balance. We look to provide the very best Ayurveda Miami has to offer, call us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.


$110 (50 min) | $150 (80 min)
The Abhyanga is a friction-based choreographed massage utilizing warm dosha-specific herbalized oils. As the oil is massaged into the skin through gentle to medium pressured strokes, it penetrates deep into the tissues to loosen toxins at the cellular level. The Abhyanga enhances immunity, increases circulation, and creates deep relaxation in the body and mind.


$125 (50 min) | $70 as an add on to another treatment (20 min)
The Shirodhara is our most meditative and relaxing treatment in which a soothing stream of warm oil is poured over the forehead and onto the sixth chakra, your intuitive energetic center. It calms the central nervous system and integrates the mind and body. In the full treatment the Shirodhara is followed by a soothing head and scalp massage.

Deep Tissue Ayurvedic Massage (Vishesh)

$115 (50 min) | $165 (80 min)
Vishesh means special. This is a deeper version of Ayurvedic Massage, done with warm herbal oils. Vigorous and rhythmic strokes are used to remove adhesions in the muscle and connective tissue. It is helpful for soothing sore, tired or aching muscles, and loosening stiff joints. It dissolves and cleanses ama (toxins) from the tissues, improves blood circulation, helps in joint mobility and lymphatic flow.

Grounding & Centering Himalayan

HOT STONE MASSAGE: $165 (80 min)
(Balancing for Vata Dosha)
This incredibly relaxing treatment begins with body brushing to slough off dead skin cells and calm the central nervous system. We have combined the grounding effects of the hot stones with the mineralizing properties of Himalayan salts to comfort and calm the mind and render muscles more limber and open to manipulation. After this full body massage you will then be cocooned in a moisture rich Omega 3 and soybean body baume wrap, while enjoying a decadent scalp massage.

Pick Me Up

$165 (80 min)
(Balancing for Kapha Dosha)
Feeling sluggish? Need a pick me up? Enjoy this invigorating Ayurvedic treatment that begins with exfoliation using gloves and sea salts. The brushing (garshana) increases circulation, cleans the skin and stimulates the removal of accumulated toxins, so herbal oil treatment penetrates deeply. The kapha balancing blend of traditional Ayurvedic oils are used during the Abhyanga massage with strokes specifically customized to enliven you while intertwining the use of percussion instruments and steaming hand made herbal poultices that warm and energize the body.

Stress Be Gone

$165 (80 min)
(Balancing for Pitta Dosha)
A head to toe journey to tranquility. This treatment begins with a jasmine mint exfoliation to ensure soft glowing mineralized skin. Ayurvedic oils can then penetrate deeply into your body to begin to bring balance as you experience the tension releasing benefits of hot stones combined with a satisfying, deep pressure massage. Healing heated basalt stones and cool marble stones are combined to release muscle tension and toxins, nourishing the skin with antioxidant rich oil blends. Finish off this relaxing treatment with a luxurious marma face massage to ensure all traces of fatigue, stress, and puffiness are erased from your complexion, mind, and spirit.

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

$180 (80 min)
Combines traditional Indian Deep Tissue Massage and Yoga-Based Stretching Therapies. It was developed by Master Kusum Modak from Pune, India. The individual session is given on a mat on the floor. The treatment involves alternation between Deep Tissue massage and a series of stretches covering all regions of the body. Both hands and feet are used in the delivery of the massage.

This unique comprehensive approach to the body dissolves physical and emotional blocks, helps eliminate toxins, promotes correct posture, improves respiratory patterns, enhances energy levels, and leaves the receiver with a profound sense of well-being.

Ultimate Signature Ayurvedic Facial

$125 (50 min) | $185 with Shirodhara (80 min)
Our exclusive rejuvenating facial dynamically initiates repair and regeneration and is individually created to balance all skin conditions. After cleansing, a gentle, yet effective manual micro-derma abrasion treatment (or enzyme treatment for more sensitive skins), the layering of aromatherapeutic products, begins transformation.

Rejuvenation continues with the application of Shankara’s customized mineral mask, while an Indian Balancing Bowl Ayurvedic foot massage brings balance to the whole body. A rejuvenating Ayurvedic facial massage is followed by a traditional marma energy point and breath technique to bring you into a state of total relaxation. Finish with a Shirodhara and hair and scalp treatment. This Facial has shown astonishing anti-aging results after only one treatment.

approach to the body dissolves physical and emotional blocks, helps eliminate toxins, promotes correct posture, improves respiratory patterns, enhances energy levels, and leaves the receiver with a profound sense of well-being.

Herbal Detox

$150 (80 min) | $400 Package of Three recommended for best results (80 min)
A botanically-based treatment that includes an invigorating full body exfoliation, removing dullness and revealing a youthful glow. Your skin is then prepared to receive the stimulating and detoxing ingredients that aid in the relief of fluid retention, pain reduction, chronic inflammation, sinus conditions, and headaches. Extremely light, sequenced strokes stimulate the movement of lymphatic fluid, thereby cleansing the body. A restoring traditional lymphatic massage followed with a wrap using Shankara’s specialty detoxifying herbs completes this service.

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