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Dr. Tanya Pergola holds a PhD in Sociology and Social Psychology and is a Deepak Chopra Certified Vedic Master Educator. She has been practicing yoga for over 25 years and teaching yoga and yoga therapy for 10 years. Born in the United States, Dr. Tanya apprenticed with traditional Maasai healers in East Africa for a decade and learned an ancient style of life coaching from the elders. She is the award-winning author of, Time is Cows: Timeless Wisdom of the Maasai, and the producer, and is featured in the DVD Maasai Yoga & Meditation filmed on location in Tanzania.

Dr. Tanya completed certifications in Primordial Sound Meditation, the Perfect Health Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program and the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga at the Chopra Center in California. She also holds certificates in Intermediate Iyengar Yoga Instruction and the Yoga of the Heart — Cardiac and Cancer Therapy Certification Training.

Close to her heart is Terrawatu Tanzania, a pioneering organization she co-founded in 2000. Terrawatu has initiated and managed dozens of projects, building lasting bridges between communities in Africa, the United States and Europe.

At select times of the year, Dr. Tanya leads Healing Safaris in Tanzania. These trips combine meditation, yoga and lifestyle coaching with a traditional African wildlife safari.

With over fifteen years of experience traveling the world, sharing timeless indigenous wisdom combined with cutting-edge health science, Dr. Tanya is excited to integrate all this wisdom to help guide you in your own journey. Her approach to health and well-being encourages true transformation in people and in the communities they touch.


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